Why We Say What We Say

Since November 2017, I have written monthly articles for the Bright Side Newspaper, a local paper here in Cobb County. Beginning in March 2020, I recorded videos of me sharing these stories and uploaded them to YouTube. Below, you can find links to each video.

November 2017
December 2017
Medieval Phrases
January 2018
February 2018
Early Pioneers
March 2018
The Old West
April 2018
May 2018
Ancient Origins, P1
June 2018
Ancient Origins, P2
July 2018
August 2018
Fast Food
September 2018
October 2018
Ax’s and Hatchets
November 2018
December 2018
January 2019
February 2019
Epynoms, P1
March 2019
April 2019
May 2019
June 2019
July 2019
August 2019
Nautical, P1
September 2019
Nautical, P2
October 2019
November 2019
Epynoms, P2
December 2019
Santa Claus
January 2020
Tad Dorgan
February 2020
Cobb County
March 2020
April 2020

Next Series: History and Highlights of the Georgia State Parks System 🡆

November 2017: Stateroom

December 2017: Raining Cats and Dogs, Who Let the Cat out of the Bag, and Getting the Willies

January 2018: Beef, Mutton, Pork, and Venison

February 2018: Redneck, Frontier, and Trailblazer

March 2018: Riding Shotgun and Why We Drive on The Right Side of the Road

April 2018: Bluetooth

May 2018: School and Scapegoat

June 2018: Clue, Salary, and Salad

July 2018: Float, Jump on the Bandwagon, and Jumbo

August 2018: Hamburger and Ketchup

September 2018: Taco

October 2018: Axe to Grind, Bury the Hatchet, and Fly off the Handle

November 2018: Fall, Turkey, and Cornucopia

December 2018: Yule, Poinsettia, and Reindeer

January 2019: Quarantine, Hoodlum, Mortgage, and Lukewarm

February 2019: Mausoleum, Sandwich, and Saxophone

March 2019: Gerrymander, Filibuster, Ballot, and Vote

April 2019: 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Snickers, and Reese’s

May 2019: Bogey and Par

June 2019: Fanta, Pepsi, and Gatorade

July 2019: Uranus, Robot, Lunatic and Disaster

August 2019: Crow’s Nest, League, Poop Deck

September 2019: Port, Starboard, and Knot

October 2019: The Months

November 2019: Tupperware, Mesmerize, and Pilates

December 2019: Santa Claus

January 2020: Words and Phrases of Tad Dorgan

February 2020: Cobb County, Marietta, Acworth, and Kennesaw

March 2020: Asterisk, Ampersand, and Pound Sign

April 2020: Words and Phrases of Shakespeare

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Next Series: History and Highlights of the Georgia State Parks System 🡆

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