Overlooked History

This series focuses on interesting stories from history that have been largely forgotten. Learn about national heroes, presidential assassinations, and forward thinking pioneers.

Rutherford B. HayesPeter NeyViolet Jessop
John SteinbeckRobert Todd LincolnAda Lovelace
Teddy RooseveltJoshua Abraham NortonMary Katherine Goddard
Robert SmallsEdith WilsonGreat Fires of 1871
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Part 1Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Part 2 Henry Flagler
Frank BuckSybil LudingtonBertha Benz
David Rice AtchisonExercise TigerPreston Tucker
Beulah Henry1844 Peacemaker AccidentState of Franklin
Joseph WarrenMatthew CanningPepsi Navy
Pearl Harbor Attack of 1932Scary Story ContestMicajah Clark Dyer
MargarineBuckminster FullerGreat Molasses Flood
Ernest ShackletonAlfred NobelLuna 2
Anglo-Zanzibar WarReconquistaHedwig Kiesler
Heron of AlexandriaFirst Transatlantic FlightZheng He
Toledo WarFlorida Republics

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Rutherford B. Hayes

Peter Ney

Violet Jessop

John Steinbeck

Robert Todd Lincoln

Ada Lovelace

Teddy Roosevelt

Joshua Abraham Norton

Mary Katherine Goddard

Robert Smalls

Edith Wilson

Great Fires of 1871

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Part 1

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Part 2

Henry Flager

Frank Buck

Sybil Ludington

Bertha Benz

David Rice Atchison

Exercise Tiger

Preston Tucker

Beulah Henry

1844 Peacemaker Accident

State of Franklin

Joseph Warren

Matthew Canning

Pepsi Navy

Pearl Harbor Attack of 1932

Scary Story Contest

Micajah Clark Dyer


Buckminster Fuller

Great Molasses Flood

Ernest Shackleton

Alfred Nobel

Luna 2

Anglo-Zanzibar War


Hedwig Kiesler

Heron of Alexandria

First Transatlantic Flight

Zheng He

Toledo War

Florida Republics

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