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All Presentations last 30-45 minutes

Kennesaw Mountain – Beyond the War

This presentation covers Kennesaw Mountain from the Native Americans to the present day, with the exception of the Civil War. Learn about planned statues, plane crashes, and secret bunkers in the presentation.

History of the City of Kennesaw

Learn about the City of Kennesaw from the first settlers to the Great Locomotive Chase, and from the influential people of the city to the history of the major city parks.

Why We Say What We Say

Have you ever wondered why we say “raining cats and dogs”, or why people like to ride shotgun? Have you ever wondered why it’s called Bluetooth or Google? Learn about all this and more in this lecture.

Almost States

You may have heard of Franklin or the Republic of West Florida. But have you ever heard of Absaroka, Jefferson, or Delmarva? Come learn about over 30 different proposals that would have made the United States look just a bit different.

And Now For a Brief Message……..

Do you remember Mikey and his cereal? You might remember “Where’s the Beef” or “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”. Come learn about the history of some of the most memorable TV commercials ever. After telling about their history, the commercials will be shown on the screen.

People of the Kennesaw City Cemetery

Learn about some of the individuals in the City Cemetery. This presentation covers Veterans, Mayors, Children, Postmasters, and Railroad Workers.

John H. Towers

Learn about Admiral John Towers, the pioneering naval aviator from Rome. Towers commanded the first transatlantic flight in 1919, and is probably best remembered for his attack on Pearl Harbor in the war games in February of 1932. Come learn about this fascinating man and his accomplishments.

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Lacy Hotel

Learn about the history of the Lacy Hotel, where the General was stolen during the Great Locomotive Chase. This presentation covers its construction to when it was burned down in 1864, and then its replacement that was open until the 1890’s.

Delisted Parks

This presentation is on National Park sites that no longer exist. Come learn about almost 30 parks.

Hello, My Name Is…..

You may know Button Gwinnett, but do you know Dionysius Crandell Oliver or Tugalo Harvie Risner? This presentation covers politicians from Georgia with unusual names

History of the Medal of Honor

Learn about the history of the Medal of Honor, its Georgia roots, and the men from Georgia who have won it.

Horace King

Hear the story of the historic Covered Bridge builder.

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